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JobGrok Premium
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buynow h50Subscription Required - Ideal for businesses that need to post job listings and accept job applicant information on their Joomla! website.

After subscription expires, extension will continue to work.

jg premium screenshot controlpanel smallJobGrok Premium is a Joomla! extension intended to help businesses organize their online job postings and online application submissions. Like all well designed Joomla! extensions, it's easy to install and just as easy to set up and use. With email notifications and RSS feeds, keeping your site user and visitors informed of the latest actions on your job board is only a few clicks away.

jg premium screenshot compact smallCompact Application Form is one of the available application forms to your site visitors. Fields can be displayed or hidden, and you can change the name of the field labels if they don't quite match your needs. Entire sections of the form can be removed, and you can apply your own CSS to the styling through the use of the menu item parameters.

jg premium screenshot long smallLong Application Form is also an option in normal, tabbed, or slider views. The long form stretches out down the page of your site with the options to expand or tab through the different sections. The long form isn't set up (quite yet) for custom CSS through the menu item parameters, but  the clean style should fit most sites (of course, you're always welcome to modify the source code).

jg premium screenshot applications small Submitted Applications are easily located through the admin site in JobGrok Premium. Use the vast number of filters to locate desired applicants or export data in CSV format. Download submissions in PDF format, or print directly from the browser.

jg premium screenshot listings smalljg premium screenshot jobadd smallJob Listings are easily set up as a menu item and link directly to the desire job application form. If need, Equal Employment Opportunity data can be collected immediately after an applicant submits the job application form. Job attributes are linked to jobs in a simple manner.


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