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About Us

My name is Bob and I'm a full-time IT nerd that works on "TK Tek" and "JobGrok" when I'm not at my day job trying to save the world or spending time with my family.

I think Joomla! is great! Everyone should use it. Here... download it now! Download Joomla!

TK Tek and Nextar Consulting

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With the help of Nextar Consulting, an iOS and Android mobile app is in development and close to completion.

We're living in a mobile world and with the help of JobGrok's Joomla! extensions, you can ensure that potential candidates have instant access to your employment opportunities.

Nextar Consulting will work with you to customize the app to match your company's branding schema.

Register now and we'll notify you when it's available for your company!


The New Look!

Finally! A new look.

My apologies to everyone's eyes for the old horror I've been using as a website. I hope this look is a little more user appealing and easier to navigate.

And, to all of you that have been supporting JobGrok - Thank you!